Calvin on the Validity of “Romish” Baptism

However, "in order to allay this indignation, certain wicked and lying pamphlets were circulated" by the persecuting French Romanists.   These cunning pamphlets were supported by both imperial court and papal curia.   They assailed the true Protestants — only obliquely, yet very effectively. For they did so, explains Calvin, by "stating that none were being treated with such cruelty — except Anabaptists and seditious persons who by their perverse ravings and false opinions were overthrowing not only religion but also all civil order….

"The object which these instruments of the court aimed at by their disguises, was not only that the disgrace of shedding so much innocent blood might remain buried under the false charges and calumnies…but also so that afterwards they might be able to proceed to the utmost extremity in murdering the poor saints….