Calvin on the Validity of “Romish” Baptism

"It appeared to me, that unless I opposed them to the utmost of my ability — my silence could not be vindicated from the charge of cowardice and treachery.   This was the consideration which induced me to publish my Institutes of the Christian Religion" in 1536.

Calvin's Institutes prove he was no Anabaptist

Now Calvin here repudiates the Romish allegations that the Protestants — those who witnessed for the purity of Christ's Gospel — were "Anabaptists and seditious persons."  He states that these were "false charges and calumnies."   For the actions even of the revolutionary Anabaptists themselves clearly indicated the untruthfulness of the above Anti-Calvinistic allegations of the Romanists.   As Calvin next states, also "the Anabaptists began to assail us" – viz., for opposing their revolutionism,