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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin on the Validity of “Romish” Baptism

– 20

Calvin ‘liberates’ baptism from Trent’s enshackling chrism

Finally, the Council of Trent alleges that baptism needs completion by confirmation and its oily chrism.   For “whosoever shall say that those who attribute any virtue to chrism in the sacrament of Confirmation, insult the Holy Spirit — let him be anathema!”41

Here, Dr. Calvin answers very bluntly:42 “I am certainly not of the number of those who think that ‘Confirmation’ — as observed under the Roman Papacy — is an idle ceremony….   I regard it as one of the most deadly wiles of Satan….

“In the name of Pope Melciades — De Consecrat. Dist. 5 — they declare that the Spirit is given in baptism for innocence; in ‘Confirmation’ for increase of grace….   Baptism [they say] is sufficient for those who were to die instantly.   But by ‘Confirmation’ [they further say that] those who are to prove victorious — are armed so as to be able to sustain the contest.

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