Calvin on the Weekly Christian Sabbath



Doubtless it was the light received by John Calvin of Geneva (150964) which gave the death-blow to the Romish festivals  and great impetus to God's Decalogue and to Sunday observance. Even in his famous Institutes  first published when Calvin was but 27 years old  he has fully seven(!) long paragraphs on the sabbath.2 A brief analysis of some of this material  before we go on to other later material authored by Calvin  will now be very helpful.

In his Institutes, Calvin grounds the Lord's day in the weekly Sabbath. Against Rome, he insists that the ordinance of the Sabbath was not instituted merely at Sinai and solely for the Hebrews. To the contrary, he insists it was instituted at creation, in the seven days of our earth's formation  and as an ordinance for the entire human race.