Calvin on Worship

– 5 –

In Exodus, one sees how the Lord hears prayers (2:24) as the Triune God (3:2-14) Who softens hearts (8:8-13 & 8:28-31 & 9:28-30) on the basis of the foreshadowed blood of Christ (12:3-50).  This occurs with public praise (15:1-21)  under the leadership of the Congregation’s Elders (3:16 & 12:21 & 18:12-21) and with reference to God’s Word also in His Decalogue alias His Ten Commandments – yes, His ‘ten words’ (20:1-19).

In his Institutes of the Christian Religion,8 Calvin states "the Holy Spirit calls Him [the Son] ‘Jehovah’….   The Father certainly cannot differ from the Son unless He [the Father] have something peculiar to Himself [viz. Fatherhood] and not common to Him with the Son….