Calvin on Worship

"Is it not apparent that men are worse than mad, when they will needs take upon them[selves] to shape out God’s being — seeing that no shape can be made of their own souls, which are nothing in comparison to Him?….   God will not have any manner of image made of Him[self]!…   If you will needs make some puppet to represent Me — is it not as good as a defacing of My glory, and a spiting of Me to the uttermost of your power?….  

"When we have shaped out a stone or a piece of wood and made it a nose, ears and all the rest of man’s limbs — yet it has not feeling at all….   There is no likeness between God and any of all the shapes that can be made to represent Him with it….   He has told us that it is not lawful for us to have any image of Him to represent Him with it…   It is not lawful to make any picture at all….