Calvin on Worship

Without such, there could have been no comm-uni-cation or comm-uni-on between God and even pre-fall man.   And no prefall human worship of the Triune God. 

Calvin comments on God’s creation work:1 "Six days were employed in the formation of the world…, so that He might engage us in the consideration of His works.   He had the same end in view in the appointment of His Own rest.   For He set apart a day selected out of the remainder, for this special use…. 

"God claims for Himself the meditations [on His Word and the Spirit-ual praise and prayers]…of men on the seventh day.   This is…the proper business of the whole life in which men should…exercise themselves….   Every seventh day has been selected especially for the purpose…, so that in all ages it might be held sacred….   The Sabbath was a figure of this rest….