Calvin versus Child Communion

– 3 –

Calvin wrote several Anti-Romish tracts in favour of what might be called ‘True Confirmation.’    He opposed the compromised German Interim between Romanists and inconsistent Lutherans, in favour of the Biblical and Early-Patristic practice of ‘Teenage Confirmation.’  

Against even consistent Lutheranism, Calvin claimed that catechizing is necessary precisely in order to see the error of Consubstantiation.   And against all possibilities of Loose Communion, Calvin approved of the French Hugenots’  Communion Tokens

Calvin also wrote to the ten-year-old Basque Prince Henry of Navarre regarding the age of religious understanding (and its antipaedocommunionistic implications).   And finally, he wrote to the Lord Protector of the young King Edward VI of England that the Church simply cannot thrive – nay more, cannot long survive – without catechizing its youth.