Calvin Versus Idolatry

– 3 –

"It is to be observed that the thing forbidden is likeness, whether sculptured or otherwise. This disposes of the frivolous precaution taken by the Greek [Eastern-‘Orthodox’] Church.   They think they do admirably, because they have no sculptured shape of Deity — while none go greater lengths in the licentious use of pictures!   The Lord, however, not only forbids any image of Himself to be erected by a statue, but to be formed by any artists whatever.   Because every such image is sinful and insulting to His Majesty….

"Seeing there is one true God Whom the Jew worshipped [past tense!], visible shapes made for the purpose of representing Him are false and wicked fictions….   Augustine (City of God IV:9) distinctly declares it is unlawful not only to worship images but to dedicate them….