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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin Versus Idolatry

“In this, he says no more than had long before been decreed by the [A.D. 305] Seventh Elibertine Council.   [Varro, himself…, although he was overborne by the perverse custom of so great a city, he had not the least hesitation in both saying and writing that those who have appointed images for the people, have both taken away fear and added error]….

“Let Papists, then, if they have any sense of shame, henceforth desist!…  It is well-known what kind of monsters they obtrude upon us as ‘divine’….

“What are the pictures or statues to which they append the names of ‘saints’ — but exhibitions of the most shameless luxury or obscenity?   Were any one to dress himself after their model —  he would deserve the pillory!   Indeed, brothels exhibit their inmates more chastely and modestly dressed — than ‘churches’ do images intended to represent virgins….

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