Calvin Versus Idolatry

In his Sermons on Deuteronomy (27:15 & 29:26) Calvin remarks:3660 "‘Cursed be he who makes any idol or any carved image!   All this is abomination unto God!’…   You know how and after what manner, God will be worshipped by us.   Whosoever invents any manner of idolatry, whosoever devises any manner of superstition — he is making idols.   And that is not to serve the living God, but rather to follow their own fancies and imaginations….  

"Therefore, they are all accursed….   For when God is so misshapen in any painting or in any puppet or in any other piece of wood or stone, that men will there represent His image and say ‘That is a resemblance of Him!’ — it is too gross and outrageous a dealing….   We see in Popery how they say, ‘Look, yonder is a remembrance of God!’   And are they not so brutish that they think there is no Divine Majesty in Heaven — unless it be represented…[as] an idol?!