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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvinism on the Holy Spirit

Further, “the power of the Spirit is spread abroad throughout all parts of the world — [so] that it may preserve them in their state; [and so] that He may minister unto the heaven and earth that force and vigour which we see, and [so that He may minister] motion to all living creatures.”10   Indeed,11 “all things stand — [only] so long as God’s Spirit animates them.   And [they] fail — as soon as they are deprived of His power (Ps. 104:29).”

Continues Calvin on the Holy Spirit:12 “The Scriptures ascribe to Him…His being diffused over all space — sustaining, invigorating, and quickening all things, both in heaven and on the earth…. His transfusing vigour into all things — breathing into them being, life, and motion — is plainly Divine….

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