Calvinist Critique of 2003 “Auburn Affirmation” – Refutation of the Hypercovenantal Sacramentology of Reverend S. Wilkins

54) Rev. Wilkins says: “Unless Old Testament practice is either explicitly or implicitly rescinded, it holds also for the New Testament.”   We agree.   The Old Testament’s unrescinded Anti- Paedopassoverism carries over also into the New Testament’s Anti-Paedocommunionism.

55) Rev. Wilkins says: “First Corinthians 11 refers to the observance of, and not admission to, sacramental Communion.”   Yes.   But one is not admitted — until one first manifests acceptable behaviour deemed to agree with good observance of the Eucharist if and when one first gets admitted thereto.   Hence, such acceptable behavior was pre-explained to Candidates.   This explanation would