Calvin’s Mode of Baptism

Calvin’s comment also on John 3:34, is relevant.   There he declared "that God, the inexhaustible Fount of all good, does not at all exhaust Himself when He bountifully and plentifully pours out His gifts on men."6

Also on John 4:2, Calvin commented:7 "Not only does Christ baptize inwardly by His Spirit.   But the very [baptismal] symbol that we receive from a mortal man — should be regarded in the same light as if Christ Himself had put forth His hand and stretched it out to us….   This suffices to refute the Anabaptists."  

Cf. too John Calvin’s comments on Acts 1:5 and 2:17,33,38f.   "Christ…will…baptize us…. ‘I will pour forth of My Spirit’….   This is signified by the words ‘ poured out’….   The promise was made first to the Jews, and then to their children, and finally…to the Gentiles….   This passage…refutes the Anabaptists who deny baptism to the children of the faithful while they are still infants, as though they were not members of the Church."