Calvin’s Mode of Baptism

Now here, Calvin’s word ‘immerse’ (French plonger) is not the same as the word ‘submerge’ (French submerger).   For Presbyterian Ministers indeed ‘immerse’ their fingers into the baptismal water — without ‘submerging’ either them or the candidate under that water.

Furthermore, Baptists are here quoting (in English translation) only the last part Calvin’s sentence.   In its entirety, it states: "Whether the person baptized is to be immersed, and that whether once or thrice — or whether he is only to be sprinkled with water — is not of the least consequence.   Churches should be at liberty to adopt either.   Although it is evident that the term baptize means to immerse, and that this was the form used by the ancient Church."   Yes, ‘immerse’ – but not submerse!