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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin’s View of Life: The Meaning of All Existence to John Calvin

Then, continues Calvin,3 “God decreed to honour man…so that he should have authority over all living creatures [Genesis 1:28].  He appointed man…lord of the World….   This authority was given not only to Adam, but to all his posterity as well as to him….   Men were created to employ themselves in some work….

“Let him who possesses a field…endeavour to hand it down to posterity…even better cultvated!  Let everyone regard himself as the steward of God in all things which he possesses!…

“Man was the governor of the World….   God, from the beginning, imposes a Law upon man, for the purpose of maintaining the right….   Our life will then be ordered rightly – if we obey God, and if His will be the regulator of all our affections.”

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