Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 27.   What about the later Israelites before their exodus from Egypt? Q. 27.   They too were so taught (Exodus 3:6-18; 5:1-17; 10:9-25; 12:3-50 cf. 18:12-21).

Q. 28.   Does Exodus 10:9-25 imply also women and children co-sacrificed with the men? A. 28.   No, it says they would be with the men, while "those who are men" feasted – after Moses and Aaron and the menfolk brought "sacrifice to the Lord."

Q. 29.   Does Exodus 11:2 teach babes & toddlers would recover goods from the neighbours? A. 29.   No, it teaches every man would recover goods from his male neighbour; and that every woman would recover jewels from her female neighbour (cf. 3:22 & 12:4 & 12:35).