Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Paedocommunion withstood after Westminster and till today

Q. 201.   Are there any major Protestant Theologians, Lutheran or Calvinist, who have advocated Paedocommunion since the Westminster Assembly? A. 201.   No.    Owen, Baxter, Matthew Henry and their successors continued to uphold Biblical Antipaedocommunionism.   So too did Mastricht, Marckius, Witsius, Brakel, Turretin, Pictet,  Heidegger,  the New England Catechism; John Cotton; the three Mathers, Makemie, Stoddard, Jonathan Edwards Sr. and  Jr., Samuel Miller, Thornwell, Andrew Murray, the Hodges, Dabney, Warfield, the three Kuypers, Bavinck,  Bouwman, Polman, Dijk, Bijlsma, Van Ruler, Hoekstra, Waterink, D.W. de Villiers, G. & J. Vos, Buswell, Gerstner, Berkhof, John Murray, Kamphuis, Deddens, J.A. Heyns,  Richard Bacon, Coppes, Gentry, Morton H. Smith, Danzfuss, Morecraft, and many others.