Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 81.  Does Deuteronomy 23:1f prohibit sexually-minor males sacrificing passover lamb? A. 81.   Clearly.   Also the Talmud teaches on this: "All slaughter is valid – except…[that of] an imbecile or a minor….   They invalidate their slaughtering."

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Paedocommunion irreconcilable from Judges to Jeremiah

 Q. 82.   Does Judges 13:3-7 teach that Samson sacramentally communed prenatally? A. 82.   This has nothing to do with the Passover.   A fetus does not avoid unclean food, nor manducate sacramental food.   That notion is sacramentalistic to the core.   Only physical nourishment and alcohol poisoning could be absorbing by a fetus via a manducating mother.   For a fetus is nourished not through a mouth as in Exodus 12:3f but through his umbilical cord.   And thus he no more then communes than he would be getting baptized simply by his pregnant mother herself getting baptized.