Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 83.  Don’t First Samuel one & two imply Elkanah’s wives and children ate the Passover? A. 83.  This doesn’t mention the Passover, nor teach his wives and children co-sacrificed with him.   It tells us Hannah didn’t eat or drink at an annual feast before Samuel was conceived (1:7-15); nor till after he was weaned and reached late childhood (1:21-25); nor that Samuel himself did so till a teenager (2:1-26 cf. Luke 2:40-47).

Q. 84.  Does Proverbs 9 teach only trained youth are to come for Wisdom’s bread & wine? A. 84.  Matthew Henry here comments: "The grace of the Gospel is thus set before us in the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper….   Ministers of the Gospel are commissioned and commanded to give notice of the preparations which God has made in the Everlasting Covenant for all those that are willing to come up to the terms of it….   Who is the tempter?   ‘A foolish [sex-depraved] woman’….   Who are the tempted?   Young people who have been well educated" and thus catechized adolescent youth  – as distinct from pre-adolescent children!