Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 111.   Why did Jesus at 12 accompany others on their way to the Passover (Luke 2:40f)? A. 111.   To be catechized by the Teachers in Jerusalem during the week-long Passover Feast. This was "after the custom of the Feast" – with a view to being admitted to manducate thereat one year later soon after His thirteenth birthday in accordance with "the custom" or sacred puberty-rite of Bar Mitzvaah.

Q. 112.   Though not when twelve 12 manducating there, did Jesus attend the Passover Feast?

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A. 112.    It was throughout that Feast assumed that He too attended it.   "Supposing Him to have been in the Company" or Sunodia – and accompanying the ‘Number’ or ‘Count’ of at least ten mature male Communicants needed to constitute a ‘Congregation’ of the ‘Sons of Israel.’   Luke 2:44-46 cf. Exodus 12:26-28.  The following year, Jesus would turn thirteen, when becoming a man (’iysh).   For then, He would be confirmed as a ‘Communicant Member’ of that "Company."   Cf. too Luke 2:41-44 & 22:11-15 with Exodus 12:3-4.