Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 12.   Were Cain and Abel perhaps still little boys at that time? A. 12.   No, they were grown up.   Cain was marriageable, and Abel owned a flock of sheep.

Q. 13.   But didn’t Adam also have other children? A. 13.   Yes, and they too catechized their children unto maturity (Genesis 4:26)

Q. 14.   How do you know those descendants themselves catechized their children? A. 14.   Because Adam’s descendant Jared called his son Enoch, which means "catechized."

Q. 15.   What was the result of Jared catechizing his son Enoch? A. 15.   Enoch walked with God; and also catechized his own children (Genesis 5:19-24).