Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

Q. 123.   And what does Rev. Professor Dr. Abraham Kuyper Sr. say about this? A. 123.   In chapter 110 of his great work Our Divine Worship Service, Kuyper writes: "The Lord’s Supper was instituted at the Passover Feast.   In order to celebrate the Passover Feast, Jesus priorly got everything prepared in the Upper Room.  The solemnity of the Passover Feast, which looked back upon Israel’s redemption from Egypt, was indeed a symbolic prediction of the redemption which the Lamb of God would bring….   It was therefore not incidental that the Lord sat with His Disciples at a meal around a table.  It was a Passover.   Every man in Israel was required thus to celebrate the Passover [Exodus 12:3-37 & 23:14-17 & 34:23-25].   Jesus too subjected Himself to the ordinance of the Lord, and therein set an example for His Disciples….   It is true that the solemnity of the Passover was completed before Jesus went on to institute the Lord’s Supper.   But He then did so, directly in conjunction with the Passover Meal – and without [first] standing up from the Passover Meal."