Communist Eschatology: A Christian Philosophical Analysis of the Post-Capitalistic Views of Marx, Engels and Lenin – Part 1

By "communism," then, communists mean the views propounded by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin relative to their desire to abolish private ownership of all the means of production and all the implications thereof. And in this dissertation we shall use the word in this authorative communist sense.

Secondly, it must be inquired: What is "eschatology"?

Eschatology is the study of the future, and the eschatological orientation of communism as such is already apparent from the above definitions of "communism"; for communism, even though it also offers an explanation of the past and the present (and indeed, of everything in the universe), Is nevertheless especially a program for the future. With restless movement, communism – as seen by communists-stretches forward toward the attainment of the future perfection of man and nature, toward the future realization of the eschata-the "last things."