Communist Eschatology: A Christian Philosophical Analysis of the Post-Capitalistic Views of Marx, Engels and Lenin – Part 1

The Manse, Winterton, Natal, South Africa-January 1972

Fairfax Christian College, Fairfax, Virginia, USA-January 1974

anno Domini, regente Iesu

(For a resumé of communist activities since this dissertation was submitted in January 1972, through the time of its publication in early 1974, see the Chronological Table below, at page 859 and following pages.)


Chapter I


"As Lenin once said: 'No dark force will withstand the alliance of science, the proletariat and technology.' Those prophetic words have become living reality. We have smashed and destroyed the evil force of the exploiters. We have wiped out for good all forms of economic and spiritual oppression. And now we are concentrating more and more of our effort on eliminating man's dependence on the elements, on subjugating them to man's will. Man will thereby take the last hurdle on his road to the realm of true freedom."