Communist Eschatology: A Christian Philosophical Analysis of the Post-Capitalistic Views of Marx, Engels and Lenin – Part 3

In this final and CRITICAL SECTION, we shall give a Christian philosophical analysis of the essential trustworthiness of the above-mentioned communist views.

In the next chapter (ch. 20), we shall give a critique of the communist view of history as expounded in Part One above. This will be followed by a critique of the communist view of each of the subjects expounded in Part Two above. Thus, after chapter twenty, we will present successive critiques of the communist views of labor (eb. 21), of value (ch. 22), of property (ch. 23), of class (ch. 24), of the family (ch. 25), of education (ch. 26), of morality (ch. 27), of law (ch. 28), of the state (ch. 29), of nationality (ch. 30), of art (ch. 31), of science (ch. 32), and of religion (ch. 33).