Communist Eschatology: A Christian Philosophical Analysis of the Post-Capitalistic Views of Marx, Engels and Lenin – Part 3

Each of these chapters will be constructed on a similar pattern. First, we will discuss the partial credibility of the communist view of the topic concerned – the communist's partially correct insight into actual states of affairs (wherever such insight is partially correct) will be honestly acknowledged. Second, this will be followed by a discussion of the theoretical contradictions present in the total communist view of the topic concerned – attention will be drawn to communist statements discussed in the relevant chapter (2 through 19) above which are apparently not to be reconciled with one another. Third, we shall point to the practical problems encountered as soon as the attempt is made to implement the theoretical views of communist eschatology – here reference will particularly be made to the failures of the Soviet regime to implement the relevant part of the communist eschatological program under current socialism, wherever such failures are in our opinion contrary to the pre-revolutionary Marxist-Leninist expectations. Fourthly, we shall give a transcendental critique of the topic concerned – we shall point to apparent states of affairs in and surrounding the particular topic, which the communist explanation is inadequate to account for. Fifthly, we shall discuss the religious nature of the communist explanation – where we shall seek to show that the latter is inadequate precisely on account of pre-theoretical (i.e., religious) considerations which lay hold of the heart of the communist theoreticians and which even prejudice them from giving a comprehensive and / or consistent account of the topic concerned. Sixthly, we shall give a Christian philosophical view of the topic concerned, and seek to demonstrate how it gives a much more satisfactory account thereof than does the communist view. And seventhly, we shall summarize the aforegoing findings.