Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

1:6c) “Keep on separating,” a causal continuing participle implying the institution and permanent operation of a God-given law regulating atmospheric conditions .   See:  Job 38:33-35 & Psalm 148:4-6 & Ecclesiastes 1:6 & Jerermiah 10:13.

1:7d) Not “created” from nothing, but “made” from previously-created raw materials. Genesis 1:1,3b,7d).

1:7e) And thus it happened; and this was surely right; and it was so!   Yet observe we are not told here – as we are in respect of all the other formation-days – that ‘God saw that it was good.’   Why not?   Some (following Jerome) explain this to imply that the fall into sin of Lucifer when he became Satan, had just then taken place.   They point out that such a fall of many of the angels, was not “good.”    But even if they fell only later, it is clear that they had already fallen before man did.   For unfallen man was seduced precisely by a fallen angel.