Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

Such angels would have been created with unlosable existence yet with losable life (which latter they then lost when they fell and ‘died’).   This raises the question as to whether also plants if not indeed animals too lost their ‘created conditional immortality’ (sic!) when and because such angels sinned before man did, or whether all plants and animals unlike angels and men were created mortal alias without unlosable existence.

– 6 –

Rev. Professor Dr. John Calvin, the greatest Bible expositor of all time, obviously thought the latter.   See his: Commentary on Genesis 1:11f & 1:20f,24,28f & 2:7 & 2:9 & 2:16f  & 3:19-21f & 4:2f & 9:1-3; his Institutes I:14:20 & I:15:1-4 & I:15:8 & II:1:3f & II:2:22-24 & II:8:1; his Psychopannychia in his Tracts and Treatises (Eerdmans 1958 III:422-25 & 450f & 457 & 460f); and his Sermons on Second Samuel (12:23).   Cf. too Psalm 49:12-15 & Ecclesiastes 3:18-21with Second Peter 2:12 & Jude 10.