Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

1:11g) Grass, vegetation, and fruit-trees.   Here is yet another created trinity!   Cf. Genesis 1:1a,1d,1f; 1:4d,8f,9a,9b; 1:16g; 1:21g, 1:24a, 1:26c, and 1:26g.

1:11h) After its own variety, cf. Genesis 1:21g.   On fossil plants, there is little Biblical evidence of a catastrophic fall of Lucifer and his angels in Genesis 1:2 (cf. note at Genesis 3:1), resulting in death and fossilization of as-then-still unmentioned plants. Such plant death and fossilization could not have occurred until after the events described at Genesis 1:11.   But it seems that (unlike humans!) both plants and animals died or would have died either before or after the ‘death’ of the fallen angels and certainly before the fall of man, and that such angels died before Adam sinned.    Cf. Genesis 1:7e & 1:9c & 1:21e with John 8:44 & Second Peter 2:4 & Jude 6 & Revelation 12:9 and possibly also with Isaiah 14:12f & Ezekiel 28:14f.