Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

Angels as probable images of the immortal God, and men as definite images of the immortal God – were created to exist for ever.   Yet it seems that plants and animals, which were never images of the immortal God, died or would have died even if the fallen angels and/or man had never fallen.   Psalms 49:12-20 & 104:26-30; Isaiah 40:6-8; Second Peter 2:12; Ecclesiastes 3:18-12, and our nn. 1:7e & 1:11h above.   However, unfallen man (as the image of God) would not have died.   Nor can even fallen man ever be annihilated.   See the notes at Genesis l:26f-m, 28a-f,29h,30j,31k & 2:7g-k,15d & 3:lab.   On “fossil anthropoids” ( sic) and “fossil men” ( sic), see below at Genesis 3:20a.