Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

1:1c) “Tri-Universe” = the ‘Universe’ created by God-Triune.   The Ancient Hebrews called it: Ha-kol (= ‘Everything’).    Our own word ‘Tri-Universe’ is not inappropriate. For the first verse of God’s Word tells us that God-Triune created two Heavens (see at 1:1d) and one Earth.     Such creatures add up (2 + 1) to a three-fold entity alias a “Tri- Universe” creaturely reflecting the Tri-une God Who created and sustains it.

– 3 –

1:1d) These are the dual Heavens.   “Dual” means only two:  namely the astronomical and the angelical Heavens (cf. First Kings 9:27 and Job 9:7-9 & 38:31-33).   These two Heavens are indeed connected with one another.   For the angels, often called by the same name as the stars (Job 38:7 & Isaiah 14:12-13), were apparently created together with what was later shaped into those stars (Genesis l:l6fg & 2:lb).   The fall of Lucifer and his angels into sin occurred only after their creation (cf. Genesis 1:7e & l:3la).   On the “triune” Heavens, cf. Genesis 1:le & l:8b.   It should be noted that the three-dimensional space (length & breadth & depth) of the material Tri-Universe and its contents, itself reflects the Triune God Who created all things (Romans 1:20).