Daily Devotions

This is not your rest!

Micah 2:10

‘The women of My people, you have cast out from their pleasant houses! From their children, you had taken away My glory for ever! You must arise, and depart! For this is not your rest!… It shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction!’ Micah 2:9-10.

Calvin comments that the people “refrained from no acts of injustice! It was indeed a proof of extreme barbarity not to spare women and children, for they are both weak and helpless. Their sex exempts women from violence. And their age, children.

“Even in wars, women and also children escape in safety…. The Prophet…proves here that the people had addicted themselves to cruelty really barbarous! They were not restrained from exercising it — no, not even on women and children….

“(‘The women of My people, you have cast out from their pleasant houses’ or) ‘house of delights’…. The women…, being the weaker sex, prefer being at home and in the shade — rather than going abroad. The more necessary it was, that their recesses should remain safe to them!

“(‘From their children, you have taken away My glory for ever!’) Now, what was taken away from the children — God calls…’His ornament.’ For His blessing, poured forth on children, is the mirror of His glory. He therefore condemns this plunder, as a sacrilege.

“The word laa’oolaam (or ‘for ever’), designates the continuance of their crimes (– the crimes of the fathers of their children). As though He had said that they were cruel without ever showing any repentance….

“‘This is not your rest!’… The land of Canaan…had been honoured by God with the distinction of being a rest. Yet, God called it not only the rest of the people, but also His Own rest. ‘I have sworn in My wrath, (I would not longer be God) if they shall enter into My rest!’ (Psalm 95:12).

“The land of Canaan, then, was a sort of nest — hidden under the wings of God. For the Lord had assigned it as an inheritance of His chosen people…. God then dwelt in that land, and had also given it to the children of Abraham so that they might rest there in safety….

“Hypocrites said…that they could not be expelled thence, and that…Prophets were falsifiers!… This is the reason why the Prophet now says: ‘Arise, depart! This is not your rest!’

“False confidence…deceives you! As you think that you are inseparably fixed in your habitation!… Now, you have become covenant-breakers!… God will now thrust you out!… God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath… Have not your pollutions obliterated that holy rest?”

This is not your rest! Your only rest, is in the Lord of the Sabbath, the Messiah Jesus!