Daily Family Worship: Household Devotions Each Morning and Evening as a Chief Means of Church Revival

Kirkcudbright's Rev. Professor Dr. Samuel Rutherford was born of and raised by very honest and respectable parents. Samuel was one of several children. His parents dedicated him to the service of his Lord and Saviour – especially after Samuel, when yet a little boy, was rescued from drowning in a well.

After such a childhood, it is not surprising that Rutherford became a great champion of family worship. He constantly encouraged people to practise this – even though, generally speaking, such meetings at that time already prevailed in the land.

What makes Rutherford's encouragement of family worship in others all the more remarkable, is that early in his ministry he himself lost first his two children and then (in 1630) his dear wife Eupham Hamilton Rutherford. This affected him so deeply, that he too was then laid aside from his earthly public labours – for more than three months. Finally recovering, he then became especially dear to all his parishioners within his charge. Among them, he vigorously promoted family worship.