Daily Family Worship: Household Devotions Each Morning and Evening as a Chief Means of Church Revival

During our Earth's formation week, God the Father spoke forth His Filial Word in the power of His Holy Spirit. Genesis 1:1-3f. Indeed – no doubt establishing a pattern for the angels and also for mankind as God's own image later to follow – They thus fellowshipped Together, every morning and every evening. Genesis 1:5-31.

Thus, while shaping our Earth's sky and its clouds and its mountains, creation's Lord and Father rejoiced together with His Filial Wisdom in the fellowship of Their Holy Spirit. This They all did, with delight, and daily. Here, the Hebrew states: yom-yom (or 'day by day'). Proverbs 8:12-30 – cf. Genesis 1:5; 1:8; 1:13; 1:19; 1:23; 1:31; 2:1-3. See too especially our Preface here above.