The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Daily Family Worship: Household Devotions Each Morning and Evening as a Chief Means of Church Revival

“Were the holy Patriarchs so ungrateful as to suppress in silence such necessary instruction? Did Noah, [after having been] warned by a divine judgment so memorable, neglect to transmit it to posterity?” See Genesis 9:27f & 10:1f!

“Abraham is expressly honoured with this eulogy – that he was the teacher and the master of his family (Genesis 18:19). And we know that – long before the time of Moses – an acquaintance with the covenant into which God had entered with their fathers, was common to the whole people.” See: Hosea 6:7; Genesis 6:18 & 9:1-17f; 15:5-18; 17:7f; 26:4f; 28:13f; 35:1-21; Exodus 3:3-17; 17:14f; Matthew 19:4-8; Mark 10:3-9 & 12:26.

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