The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Daily Family Worship: Household Devotions Each Morning and Evening as a Chief Means of Church Revival


So Adam heard God’s Word even before the fall. He heard the ‘Voice of the Lord’ God Almighty. He heard that same Word of God which speaks to us from Scripture whenever we read the Bible even in family worship every day.

Also our first parents are thus seen to have practised daily household worship – right from the very time of their creation onward; in Eden; and even before the

7 Comm. on Gen. 2:16-21. 8 Comm. on Gen. 2:22f.



fall. For such daily household worship is a necessary consequence of their having been created as the very image of God.

Indeed, daily family worship – however weakened by human sin – can and should continue also after the fall. For even fallen man at least in the broader sense still remains the image of God. Genesis 9:6; James 3:9.

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