Daniel’s Eschatology

     From just before the time of Ezekiel and for a very long time thereafter, his fellow-exile Daniel began to prophesy.   He did so in Babylon, from about 604 and until approximately 536 B.C.   Very significantly, his predictions largely focussed on the then-future advent of Christ's Kingdom — at the time of His Incarnation and thereafter.     

     In the first of these prophecies, the Lord revealed to the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar that God Himself "removes kings and sets up kings."1747 For the king had received a dream about a huge statue of a man with a golden head and a silver thorax and a brass abdomen and iron legs.   But then, in the dream, after a rolling stone had come and hit and destroyed the statue — it then itself went on to become a great Mountain which finally filled the Earth.