Daniel’s Eschatology

     The same view is upheld in the Early-Patristic writings of: Irenaeus; Tertullian; Hippolytus; Lactantius; Eusebius; Aphrahat; Cyril of Jerusalem; Chrysostom; Sulpicius Severus; Augustine of Hippo; Isidore of Pelusium; and



Theodoret.   Indeed, it is affirmed even in the mediaeval writings of: Andreas of Caesarea; the Venerable Bede; Berengarius; Peter Comestor; Joachim of Fiore; Thomas Aquinas; and Robert Bellarmine.  

     Daniel's prophecy about the Fourth World Empire, thus refers to that of Ancient Rome.   That empire would last for many centuries — commencing at the final demise of the Third World Empire of Hellenism, especially when in B.C. 32 Egypt as the last phase of the Ptolemaic Hellenic Empire was annexed by Rome after the Battle of Actium (cf. Daniel 11:42f).