The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

29 September

He who follows Jesus, shall have the light of life!

John 8:12

‘Jesus spoke again…”I am the Light of the world! He that follows Me, shall not walk in darkness — but shall have the Light of life!”‘ John 8:12.

Calvin comments: “‘I am the Light of the world!’… It is a most beautiful title of Christ, when He is called the Light of the world. We are all blind by nature, but a remedy is offered to rescue and free us from darkness, and make us partakers of the true Light….

“This blessing is not offered just to one here or there, for Christ says that He is the Light of the whole world. By this general statement, He wanted to remove the distinction both between…the learned and ignorant, and gentlefolk and the common people.

“But we must first see the need for seeking this Light. For none will ever present themselves to Christ to be enlightened, save those who have known both that this world is darkness and that they themselves are altogether blind.

“Let us know, then, that when the means of obtaining light is shown us in Christ — we are all condemned with blindness, and everything that we think is light is compared to darkness and thick night…. Outside Him, there is not even a spark of true light….

“The power and function of enlightening, is not confined to the physical presence of Christ. For although He is far from us bodily, He nevertheless daily sheds His Light upon us in the teaching of the Gospel and by the secret power of His Spirit.

“But we do not have a full definition of this Light, until we learn that we are enlightened by the Gospel and the Spirit of Christ. So that we may know that the Fountain of all knowledge and wisdom is hidden in Him….

“Those who look to Christ, are certain that they will have a sure way even through the midst of darkness. And that not for a little while, but until they have reached their goal….

“That is the significance of the words being put in the future tense. ‘He shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life.’

“This is also the meaning of the latter clause, which expressly states the perpetuity of light. We must not be afraid, then, that it will fail in the middle of our journey — for it leads us right to life…. (He is) ‘the life-giving Light!'”

Calvin also says in his Institutes III:2:1: “Christ must intervene…. He calls Himself ‘the Light of the world’…. In the Person of Christ, the glory of God is visibly manifested to us…. We have the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ (First Timothy 6:16 and John 8:12).” Consequently, he who follows Jesus — shall have the Light of life! Do you?