Did God Die on Calvary?

So, then, against Gnesio-Lutheranism and Wesleyan Methodism, we must say with the Reformed Confessions that God cannot and did not either suffer or die. For those Reformed Confessionsarebased on theinfallibleWord ofGodwhichinFirstTimothy1:17&6:16 tellsusthat God is "the King…immortal" and "He alone has immortality" alias unlosable life both from all eternity past and unto all eternity future.

The above is no quibble. None of the world's billion Muslims will ever see the logic of either Lutheranism or Arminianism. Calvinism alone can make the cross intelligible to them (or for that matter also to Torah-believing Judaists). In fact, the sooner Wesley's theopaschitic hymn And can it be? gets replaced by the singing of Psalm 90 – the better for the health of Christ's Church!