Did God Die on Calvary?

As with Arianism, heresy gets sung before it gets preached. Arminianism leads to Atheism. For if God died when Christ died, not just "one-third" but rather all "three-thirds" of God then died – so that no God at all could have remained to resurrect Jesus. For Paul infalliblystates that in Christ "dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead." Colossians 2:9.

Note, we did not saythat Wesleywas an Atheist! Indeed, we believe Wesleywas a dedicated Christian – because predestinated to be saved in spite of his own atheizing tendencies such as his rejection of divine election! But we do saythat Wesley’s is an atheizing system. And we certainly callfortherewritingofhisinfluentialhymn, bythedeletion ofthe above-mentioned offensivewords and their substitution byCalvinistic terminology- such as "that You, myChrist, should die for me"; and "It’s mystery all! The Saviour dies"; and "Emptied Himself, in His great love."