Did God Die on Calvary?

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NowthisLutheran-Wesleyanaberrationmustsharplybedistinguishedfrom theReformed view that the properties of each of Christ's two natures are ascribable to His Person. Thus the Westminster Confession 8:7, cf. the Larger Catechism (37-40 & 48-49 & 54-55).

"Ah,"retort theAnti-Calvinists,"butdoesnotPaulhimselfdeclarethatGod bought theChurch with His Own blood (Acts 20:28)?" No, Paul does not! Actually, Paul says the HolyGhost would have Pastors feed God's Church – which He [Christ] purchased with His Own blood." Does the bodyless HolyGhost have blood? Or is Paul not here trinitarianlyteaching the HolyGhost says the Son in His humanity with His blood purchased the Church of God the Father?