Everlasting Rest: Sabbaths Old and New – The Lord’s Day Covenant Till the Unending Day of Glory

Just before God started resting on His Seventh Day, He created man at the end of His Sixth. Thus also godly man as the image of God, on the first complete day of the weeks of his life, kept the sabbath and all the rest of the Ten Commandments written in his heart.  

This continued, even after the fall.   In process of time or "at the end of days" alias on the weekly sabbath, also Abel brought the firstlings of his flock and of their fat to the Lord.1

A thousand years later, toward the time of the Flood, Lamech the Sethite called his son ‘Noah’ (or ‘Comfort’ alias ‘Rest’) — because Noah would give man rest.     Centuries later, God covenanted with Noah and his family to enter into the ark.