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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

From Circumcision to Baptism – Biblical Refutation of the Baptismal Views of Baptists and Anabaptists

It should be noted in Joshua 3:8-17 that the B.C. 270 Israelitic Greek Septuagint translation has ebapheesan  (from the verb baptein) as its rendition of the Hebrew nitbeloo.    Literally, this says that the priests ‘bapt-ed’ in the Jordan — when they and all the Israelites (including their babies) crossed it on dry land.   They all ‘bapt-ed’ — but were not submersed.

Elijah, in turn, gave a preview of the work of his later successor John the baptizer (sometimes miscalled ‘John the Baptist’ but perhaps better callable ‘John the Presbyterian’). Elijah did this, when he thrice poured water on his sacrifice on behalf of all twelve of the tribes (including their babies) — just before it rained.   First Kings 17:1 & 18:5-45 (cf. John 1:25-33 and James 5:17-18).   Thus Origen, Basil, Gregory of Nazianzen, and Augustine’s mentor Ambrose.

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