From Circumcision to Baptism – Biblical Refutation of the Baptismal Views of Baptists and Anabaptists

(1) Baptism in the Older Testament

The very first verses of the Holy Bible teach that God’s Triune’s Holy Spirit has always pre-existed the primaeval waters.   They say He hovered not under but rather over them. Indeed, over their face (namely ‘al peneey hamaayiym).   Genesis 1:1-2 & 1:26.  

As Tertullian remarks1:"The Spirit…was hovering over the waters."    And Jerome:2 "The Spirit of God moved above…[and] over the face of the water, and produced from them the infant world — a type of the Christian child that is drawn from the laver of baptism….   ‘The Spirit of the Lord,’ says Moses, ‘moved upon the face of the waters’ — from which it appears that there is no baptism, without the Holy Ghost."