From Circumcision to Baptism – Biblical Refutation of the Baptismal Views of Baptists and Anabaptists

Lightfoot explains21 in his Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica that in the Babylonian Jevamoth (46.2), Rabbi Joshua says "the maidservants…were

– 7 –

baptized but not circumcised….   He [masculine, however,] is not a proselyte — until he be circumcised and baptized’….   Baptism [without circumcision] was sufficient for women….  

"‘One baptizes a heathen woman…for a deed rightly done’ [Jevamoth folio 45.2]….   The Gloss is thus: ‘To be baptized in the name of a woman, was to be baptized….   We may…assert her who is so baptized, for a complete proselytess — because that baptism…serves for proselytism to her’….