God Didn’t Die on the Cross

"The Lutheran doctrine destroys the integrity of the human nature of Christ. A body which fills immensity, is not a human body…. His humanity is merged into divinity, and He becomes not God and man but simply God – and we have lost our Saviour, the Jesus of the Bible…. It seems a plain contradiction in terms to say that the human becomes divine, that the finite becomesinfinite;and not lessa contradictiontosaythat thehumanity ofChristhasinfinite attributes and yet itself is not infinite….

"Christ was not a human person [cf. Nestorianism]. He remained after the incarnation as He had been from eternity, a divine person…. As the Lutherans at the time of the Reformation departed from the faith of the Church on the person of Christ, they were led into certain peculiarities of doctrine on other related subjects. Insisting, as Luther did, onthelocal presence of the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist – he was constrained to believe that Christ as to His human nature was everywhere present."