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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

God Triune in the Beginning – and for the 21st Century

Yet later, attempting to remove the very last traces of any possible subordinationism in her understanding of the Son’s relationship to His Father, the Western Church declared in the eleventh century that the Spirit proceeds not only from the Father. Consequently, she added to the above creed also the word Filioque (“and from the Son”). Unfortunately, the Eastern Church did not follow suit, and so has lacked the subsequent dynamism of the Western Church (whether Roman Catholic or Protestant Reformed).

Calvin exalted the Son yet further, by declaring that not just the Father but also the Son was Auto-Theos (“Himself God”) — not deriving His divinity from that of the Father. As a corrective to any Hyper-Pentecostal over-reaction toward Solopneumatism (“by the Spirit alone”) — the future Church of the twenty-first century should officially recognize that also the Holy Spirit is Auto-Theos. For He has always essentially proceeded or gone forth — and keeps on proceeding — just as much as the Father essentially has always fathered or “paternalized” (and keeps on paternalizing), and just as much as the Son essentially has always been a son or “filiated” (and keeps on filiating).

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