God Triune in the Holy Bible

Now this name of God Jehovah was, in fact, already  used pre-lapsarianly as well as post- lapsarianly in the time of Adam himself.   Genesis 2:4-9 & 2:15-22 cf. 3:1-23.   It was also known to Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth and Enos.   Genesis 4:1-26. 

 It was known to Lamech, the godly father of the godly Noah.   Genesis 5:29.   It was known even to the ungodly antediluvians, as well as to the godly Noah and his family both before and during and after the great flood.   Genesis 6:3-8 & 7:1-16 & 8:20f.  

After the flood, it was known also to Noah’s son the Non-Semitic Japheth.   Genesis 9:26. It was later known even to the ungodly Hamite Nimrod and the builders of the tower of Babel in Mesopotamia, as well as thereafter at least to the godly Job and his friends in Arabia.   Genesis 10:9 & 11:5-9 cf. Job 1:6-21 & 2:1-7 & 12:9 & 38:1 & 40:1-6 & 42:1-12.