God Triune in the Holy Bible

Also Keil and Delitzsch comment25 at Genesis 2:4 that “God therefore ‘is Who He is’ – inasmuch as in His being, as historically manifested, He is the Self-determining One.  The name Jehovah…‘includes both the absolute independence of God in His historical movements’ and ‘the absolute constancy of God….   In both words and deeds, He is essentially in harmony with Himself, remaining always consistent’ (Oehler).  

“The ‘I am Whom am’ therefore is the absolute I, the absolute personality, moving with unlimited freedom….   He is the personal God in His historical manifestation, in which the fullness of the Divine Being unfolds itself to the world….   To show this, Moses has introduced the name Jehovah into the history in the present chapter [Genesis two], and has indicated the identity of Jehovah with Elohim  not only by the constant association of the two names but also by the fact that in the heading (verse 4b) he speaks of the creation described in chapter one as the work of Jehovah Elohim.”